Day: February 12, 2014

“RICH HILL” – The State of the Nation in Rich Hill, MO

Is “hope” all that remains of the emblematic American dream?  In the aftermath of our nation’s financial collapse and the technological and global upheaval of recent decades, one is prompted to ponder this question in watching “RICH HILL.”  The documentary portrait of three youths and their families struggling to survive in the mined-out Midwestern town …

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Peter Dekom Rants:Technology–So What?!?

Peter Dekom, iconoclast, attorney, creativity advocate and cultural gadfly adds his rant to our special Technology edition. Peter is also the author of Next: Reinventing Media, Marketing and Entertainment, of which he says: This book represents my journey to find answers and new directions to what I viewed as a massive, almost unfathomable aggregation of change …

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