Day: July 8, 2015

Addicted to AMY

AMY is a haunting tribute to the Lady Day of our day and her irresistible siren song. Winehouse was pure, ineffable talent in the raw. The beehive, the Cleopatra liner, the tattoos, this raspy voice that spewed truth serum lyrics right from her core. This bright flame that shot up like a star, only to …

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Beauty on Wry

In the opening episode of the documentary series Chef’s Table, Massimo Bottura discusses the earthquake that shook his home region of Modena in 2012. 360,000 wheels of cheese had been damaged and that could have spelled the end of parmiggiano reggiano. What he did was create a recipe of risotto with cacio e pepe using …

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Radical Rethinking of Oklahoma! at Bard SummerScape

There is a homey, welcoming feeling as you enter the intimate Luma Theater in Bard College’s Fisher Center for the innovative SummerScape production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical Oklahoma! Friendly ushers greet you. Audience members are seated at long wooden tables with napkin holders and crock pots full of chili for a down-home meal …

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American Prison: Beyond the Binge-Watch

If the success of Orange Is the New Black offers any indication, it seems fair (and gross) to say that prison has become “pop”—for a Twitter moment, anyway. Even the cover of the Economist June 20-24 proclaims, “Jailhouse Nation: 2.3 million reasons to fix America’s prison problem.” Progressive-glam MSNBC has been boosting its ratings with weekends of Lockup since 2005. Everybody (white? middle class?) …

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Nike + Nowness

For better or worse, we all know by now that beautiful women are frequently used as fodder for selling products. The practice has become commonplace and expected, and often times the model’s image, the production design and the styling in general overshadow the ad campaign to the extent that we don’t really know what is …

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A Gospel for the Ages

Given the timing, content and string of traumatizing recent events that have spooked and scarred the nation — especially its African American communities — it is impossible to see the Ebony Theatre’s current production of The Gospel at Colonus and not connect the dots between myth and reality. And considering America’s anguished response to those …

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