Day: October 14, 2015

Three Broadway Shows Disappoint Despite Big Stars

The fall Broadway season is in full swing with a trio of star-studded revivals of small-cast plays, each failing their author’s intent by varying degrees. Sam Shepherd’s Fool for Love, Harold Pinter’s Old Times, and D.L. Coburn’s The Gin Game present dark visions of human connections and the clash of memory and personality, but only …

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An immigrant from El Salvador, Magdalena Aguirre was constantly giving to everyone in her life. She became more than just a babysitter to Ruth Cusick. Magdalena became a family friend, who gave care and love to Ruth’s family and those around her.

Ruth Cusick on the Generous Magdalena Aguirre

Attorney Ruth Cusick tells us about Magdalena Aguirre, an immigrant from El Salvador, who transcended her role as childhood caretaker to become a close friend and inspiration for Ruth’s career as a social justice advocate. An irreverent and vibrant storyteller, Magdalena never showed fear or hinted at the hardship she endured escaping Civil War in her native country. …

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Poetry Benefits

Leaving aside the material ills of big businesses, the desired undialectical unity of most corporations is problematic. Hence, corporate social responsibility is established as a separate entity lest it undermine the autonomy of the profit logic. What we see in such apparently paradoxical offerings as benefit corporations, which have recently arrived in Australia, is an …

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