Day: November 26, 2015

Norma and Medea

Norma, the 1831 opera by Vincenzo Bellini, premiered at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion November 21, in a new production directed by Anne Bogart, conducted by James Conlon, LA Opera Music Director.  Five more performances are scheduled between November 29 and December 13. Norma (soprano Angela Meade) is the High Priestess of the Druids, in Gaul …

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“Who says peace is not possible?” Levi Asher, whose excellent blog LitKicks will be familar to Cultural Weekly readers, asks all of us. He also asks us to take a look at Pacifism21, a nascent non-profit organization that seeks to promote pacifism for the 21st century. We saw how suddenly gay marriage happened all over …

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We Are Many

February 15, 2003. The British filmmaker Amir Amirani was in Berlin attending a workshop when he got word of a global peace demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate. He left the campus and joined the demonstrators. Returning to London a few days later, Amirani learned that on this day of protests across the world, thirty million …

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Question of You

Dance is a rigorous enterprise. When in pursuit of excellence in technique or performance, pain and repetition is rote – a dancer learns to live with them. And whether it’s classical contemporary or krumping, Butoh or B’ boying, each plateau reached is met with a new one in its place wherein time, patience, and tremendous …

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today the hard choice is to get past the impulse to strike out in grief or to strike back in anger and to see beyond the clever image crafted by sinister intent today the hard choice the only choice is to track the money to its root to know the sources of power from which …

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The Future of Education: Technology, Experimentation, and Virtual Worlds

The nature of education is changing.  If you are a future college student, depending on who you are and how you learn, this could be good or bad.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each model: there’s the traditional liberal arts, small conference-style classroom model; traditional, online education; and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)—which are …

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