January 16, 2019

Women Photographers

As a photo-journalist who traveled all over the world to visually document foreign cultures in the 1980s, I was very intrigued to explore the photo exhibit “Women of Vision, National Geographic Photographers on Assignment,” currently at the Forest Lawn Museum (December 11, 2018-April 7, 2019). So I drove to Glendale on a rainy weekend and …

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Marin Ireland Is a Latter-Day Blanche DuBois in Blue Ridge

Few actresses can wring as many variations on self-indulgent despair as Marin Ireland. This Obie winner has created incisive portraits of a party-girl spoiled royal in Marie Antoinette, a narcissistic bisexual activist in In the Wake and a self-destructive immigrant worker in Ironbound. That’s just to name a few. Now she is a disgraced high …

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Bending Back to Bach

Distorting classical music in West L.A., dancing Edgar Allan Poe in Long Beach, Korean dance in Mid-City, on the brink in Lincoln Heights, reviving a forgotten Russian ballet in Costa Mesa, and more SoCal dance this week. 5.  Going on “The Road” Originally The Road was planned with guest artist Chelsea Cheha Keum joining dancer/choreographer Juli Kim for performance …

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As We Saw It – Coda: Israel Vignettes

Israel Vignettes links a complex past with a vibrant, future-oriented present. It shows booming construction, a flourishing new generation, wars and the Holocaust through avant-garde architecture, an exclusive interview about survival in Transnistria, and a humorous reenacting of our first meeting as students of architecture at the Technion, in Haifa. Following the seven-part documentaries about …

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