February 26, 2020

Frankenstein @ The Wallis: A Monster of Our Own Making

The current production of Frankenstein at the Wallis Center for the Performing Arts pushes the envelope. Whether that’s a good thing is open to interpretation. It’s an unusual mélange of bone-crunching mayhem performed by an ensemble of 12 actors and musicians tasked with bringing the Mary Shelley classic back to life. The Wallis commissioned the …

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From outdoors to indoors and in-between Winter climatic characteristic of cold and snow establish a particular set of relationships between the indoor and outdoor environments as well as at their in-between common limit … we dubbed these relationships wintering. The feature image shows the classical snow storm situation, or white-out, that reduces visibility and slows …

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A West Side Story for 2020

When it was announced controversial director Ivo van Hove would be staging a revival of  the beloved West Side Story, you could practically hear the screams of musical theater purists. While many classic tuners have undergone significant reinterpretation—My Fair Lady and Oklahoma! being the latest—the classic street-gang remake of Romeo and Juliet has never been …

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Lucita Hurtado: I LIVE I DIE I WILL BE REBORN at LACMA, to May 3, 2020

Lucita Hurtado with Allon Schoener, LACMA, February 15,  2020 Art criticism is supposed to be impersonal. However, I am going to violate the rules! Still vigorous, charming, and creative, Lucita Hurtado is 100 years old. Not to detract from her longevity, it is worth noting that a new paradigm is emerging of people in their …

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And Still They Persevere

Balanchine ballets in Santa Monica, immigrant tales by the dozen downtown, passion that doesn’t end well in Northridge and Costa Mesa; flamenco in North Hollywood, site specific tap in University Park, and more SoCal dance this busy week. 5.  When the heart wants what the heart wants #1 Now that Valentine’s Day is over, apparently …

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Soccer Mommy Hones Melancholy Pop

With her 2018 debut, Clean, Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, interwove angsty lyrics and irresistible melodies, articulating themes of loss, dysfunction, and self-loathing via seductive hooks. Her latest album, Color Theory, illustrates a further honing of Allison’s skills as a songwriter, singer, and bandleader. Color Theory also showcases a broader range of sonics than Clean, tracks …

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