May 13, 2020

AK Toney: “Black While Jogging”

BLACK WHILE JOGGING (For Ahmaud Arbery)   Ahmaud Arbery All awe Acrostic assonance Alliteration absent Alphabet anathema Ain’t anagram African animator Ape Apache Aberration abolishment Apart Apartheid Any antitype Antagonizing alone Anthem Antebellum Advanced Andersonville Ammunition Ad Agonizing answers Another anticipant Anointed Anomaly Ascension amu Anabatic amoeba Altruism Alzheimer’s Alternative alternation Antinomy antipathy African American …

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Deena Metzger: Two Poems

Tattered Flags Across Richmond Bridge for Krystyna The way two images become one occasion, because the wind is a messenger, and, perhaps, also a creator. Wind, breath, spirit, the same in languages arising from seeds carried great distances, even up river or across the sea to be planted in distant places. The land becomes a …

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Modi’s War on Science

2019 was a mixed year for Indian Science and Technology. The bittersweet Chandrayaan-2 Mission was a partial failure in the absolute sense, but a success in the relative sense. The PSLV-C44, Kalam SAT, Microsat-R, CARTOSAT and Mission Shakti were major leaps in aerospace engineering. India also became the world’s third-largest producer of Scientific articles, according to NSF statistics. However, there …

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Ready for a Dance-Through?

Live performance before an audience is way off in the very last stage of pandemic reopening plans. Each week more dance troupes explore new internet possibilities and now, innovative ways to coattail live dance on endeavors included in the early reopening stages. One company borrows a page from drive-in movie theaters as others announce their …

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Tongue of Grief

Petya Dubarova lived in Burgas, Bulgaria. She was a young poet with a fascinating career ahead of her. She took her own life when she was sixteen years of age. I think that she had a very promising career as poet ahead of her. The questions I have are the following. Was she depressed, was …

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