Day: March 3, 2021

eating the gods

Here’s my latest art film, “eating the gods,” 1:22 minutes. I’ve included some thoughts on creating this, below – but best to view the film first. Bon appétit! Enjoyed the film? Thanks for subscribing to my YouTube Channel. In case you missed it, here’s last month’s film, “Homage to Los Angeles.” Notes on “eating the …

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The Third Line

Foreword If a Haiku is the written record of the conscious experience of self in situation and of “pure awareness” of the moment, a sketch can be considered as the drawing equivalent. This piece aims at connecting the drawing to the writing, the first having preceded the second in providing what Allen Ginsberg has described …

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Two long, lanky, and agile brothers move barefoot beneath a cloudy African sky. Their movement references a combination of gesture and children’s games, from one moment to the next melding contemporary dance with bits of leap frog or hide and seek. They are the Ebinum Brothers in Kaduna, the first film in Jacob Jonas the …

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Kelly Gray: Two Poems

The Hush of a Switchblade Let me write quite for you, two sentence stanzas as if we have time left in this world for measured sentiment. I hesitate, even, to bring your knife to this poem, though I carry it carefully as Last Language sung cliff side, sharp words pointed away from you. I cut …

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