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5 Reasons To Host A Summer Event For Your Business

Most businesses will have an end-of-year event to celebrate the hard work everyone’s put in that year, but summer events are becoming more and more popular recently. Hosting a summer event can be great for your business and you can really go all out to impress. From hiring a giant inflatable to setting up a mini beach complete with cocktails, you can use this as an opportunity to wow your guests. Some businesses set them up to be specifically for employees only, but you could also make them open to clients and customers.

  1. Have Fun With Your Staff

One of the best reasons to hold a summer event is so you can have fun! Your staff will have been working for the first half of the year and what better way to celebrate their efforts than with a summer event. It will show your dedication to your team and that you recognise how much they’ve done for the business throughout the year. It can also serve as motivation for them to maintain that effort for the rest of the year ahead. Hosting a fun summer event for your staff allows them to get to know you as well, especially if you’re normally busy in meetings and don’t get to interact with everyone. It can also be a chance for you to check out what amazing talent you have working for you and learn more about your employees.

  1. Enhance Connections

Whether the event is closed for the business only or it’s open to the public or third parties, a summer event can be a fantastic opportunity to network. Networking is essential in any business and getting to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere can really help forge strong relationships. Employees will also be able to meet other areas in the business they might not ordinarily work with, allowing them more chances of enhanced collaboration when back in the office. If it’s open to clients and the public, you never know who could turn up. You might think it’ll be the same people you normally deal with, but you might be surprised at the number of new faces you see. This could lead you to take on heaps of new clients and generate further growth for your business so don’t overlook the importance of networking.

  1. Get Your Name Out There

As well as meeting new people, a summer event is an ideal time to help create more brand awareness for your business. Being able to plan and host an event will demonstrate your capability to potential clients and create a buzz around your company. You could even invite influencers and the press to try and generate more attention for your event too. This can really help boost your visibility as the influencers will post about it, using their huge platform to show you off to their masses of followers. Employees will also talk about the event to their friends and family, showing you in a positive light and demonstrating how much you care about them. This type of PR is invaluable and could really help you push your business towards success.

  1. Team Building

Sometimes you can be on the same team as someone but not even know how they like their morning coffee. We can all get too wrapped up in work and what we’re doing, so giving your employees the chance to unwind together can help them curate a stronger bond and connection with each other. Having a stronger team when back in the office can have a very positive impact on their productivity as well as they’ll work better together, and their collaboration will be stronger. It will also give them a common bond when they head back to the office next too, allowing connections to be made across the wider business and not just within their own departments.

  1. Create Content

If your business is living in the 21st century, then you’ve probably got an amazing social media team who are fantastic at promoting you. However, sometimes it can be hard to come up with daily content as work can sometimes overtake the need to post a picture on Instagram. But a summer event can be the perfect time for the team to capture your night and share it online. Not only will it be great for you guys to commemorate your evening, but it shows another side of your business to clients and the public. It gives them an insight into you as people and shows that you’re more than just a collection of corporate people.  It’s easy for your social media team to create interesting content when at a cool event as there will be loads of photo ops and chances to film segments too. If you feel like your social media page is lacking, then don’t be afraid to use your event to liven it up a little.

Although a summer event is a great chance for everyone to let their hair down and have some fun, you should also think of it as a business opportunity. You can invite loyal and potential clients as well as members of the public. You don’t really need to have a reason to throw your employees a party in the sun, but knowing that it will improve your business is definitely a bonus!

Photo by Ecaterina Madeline on Unsplash


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