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Black & White & Noir

The Poet's Eye

I confess! Although I often shoot in color, I prefer to photograph the world in black & white. And Los Angeles lends herself to this on a par (IMHO) only with NYC, Paris, and Rome (most other cities being solidly in the color camp). Here’s what I see, when I really see L.A.

Ludlow lunch Hopperesque

Ludlow – Lunch Like Hopper

lone man boardwalk Venice

Lone Man Boardwalk Venice



shoes on a wire in Venice

Shoes on a Wire in Venice

Midnight Midtown

Midnight Midtown

Tattooed head in line at Rite Aid

Tattooed Head in Line at Rite Aid

texting DTLA

Texting DTLA

Reading Zadie Smith on the LA Metro

Reading Zadie Smith on the Metro

Homeless Man, Dancing DTLA

Homeless Man, Dancing DTLA

Superman asleep on the LA Metro

Superman asleep on the Metro

LA Metro Beauties

LA Metro Beauties

Shop window on W. 6th St. DTLA

Shop Window on W. 6th St. DTLA

5th and Los Angeles St. DTLA

5th and Los Angeles St. DTLA



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