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Chromatic variations on the side of life…

…against war and pandemic

This post may come as a surprise since graphically expressive work is not a mainstay of mine, except that the contextual circumstances of war and pandemic sent me searching for what emotional support colour can provide.

My party pris is of course that formal design can communicate through association with certain forms such as flag design and national identity, certain colours with attitudes such as being square about something, and the combination of form and colours with existential realities such as life and death.

The motivation for this post is issued from a life long search for a harmonious relation to a world sometimes quite cruel.


Talk till…In the face


pugnacious person talking till blue in the face

pugnaciously …


till red in the face

… till red in the face


War and peace


flag of warmongering

flag of warmongering


flag of peacefulness

flag of peacefulness 


On the side of life…till the end


on the side of life till the end

on the side of life …


till end

… till the end


Hope you enjoyed and were moved…all constructive feedback is welcome

Thank you!


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