Jude Dillon: Five Poems

Jude Dillon has been published in magazines online and in print, throughout Canada, United States and Europe. He has published two collections of poetry, The Fractured Garden and Happy There In My Agony.


I miss California sometimes
a shot
in the orange juice
the night
tapered to explode
trumpets and out of tune guitars
zigzag chat
with the baristas
we tag along with
the final


Drinking ice cold bourbon
and wondering
why the rest of the world
get it together


The best espresso I know is at Caffe B
maybe I just like the hostility there
it’s almost perfect
moments drag on frantically
quiet the ash on my cigarette
let me think about light
drawn out of the sky
stars for example
let me know when you get to Paris
the paint wet on the canvas
we stretch into everywhere
for everyone


the next unavailable woman
bring her to
the far end of the bar
a ceremony
after the fourth drink
frantic dialogue
coughs up
fresh camouflage
is out of the question


I don’t know how to end things
completion is not my forte
therapy for alcoholics
melts down behind a pair of sunglasses
my inner eye becomes unknowingly awake
to the impossibly still
bitterness drinks too loudly at your wedding
but travels well
keeps your clothes on
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