Key Benefits of Using Cloud Storage for Developers

A few years back, most developers did not even think twice about the cloud development teams and the cloud storage for developers. But then along came the recession and things changed for the better. With the introduction of various advanced technologies and robust cloud applications, developers started realizing the cloud’s worth. The world has become a cloud community and developers are now depending on the cloud to solve their problems, create innovative apps for their businesses, and to make their work hassle-free. However, the cloud’s value is not just restricted to developers alone, even large organizations and IT companies are taking a look at the cloud as a solution to their storage problems.

There are many advantages of cloud storage for developers to use that contribute to its popularity among businesses and IT companies. The key advantage is that it helps developers to work more efficiently and reduces the time and cost involved with software application development and maintenance. Here is a list of five key benefits of using cloud storage for developers:

Reduce the Usage of Hardware Devices:

When developers use cloud computing, they need not invest in costly and complex storage devices like hard drives or laptops. The applications run directly on the servers and this reduces the usage of hardware devices and thus reduces power consumption and operating costs. Cloud computing also enables easy accessibility of the same apps on different mobile devices. This makes it easier for an end-user to find and install the mobile app on their device. Companies can also scale down their investments in IT infrastructure and reduce capital expenditure related to it.

Minimizes Costs:

Cloud computing not only saves money but also minimizes operating costs. It does so by reducing the number of hardware and software required. The developers don’t have to purchase any additional hardware and thus they can save a substantial amount of money. The other reason why it is so popular amongst developers is that they need access to these resources only when they need them. Thus, the data stored in such storage systems remain available only when you need it.

Distributes Data Efficiently:

Cloud storage services are a boon to businesses as they help in managing data more efficiently. Developers can easily use apps on any device over the internet without any constraint of location or time. The data remains safe, secure, and accessible from anywhere at any time. Thus, no matter where the user accesses the data, it remains secured and will continue to be available.

Minimizes Data Aging:

Cloud services enable easy updating of data on-demand. The process is very simple – the developers just need to ensure that the storage service that they are using is providing the required data regularly. With this facility, updates can be carried out even when the servers are down. Also, cloud development provides developers with real-time information that enables better decision-making on data management. It also helps in designing applications that are up-to-date and perform better.

Improves Business Logic:

The main advantage of cloud development is that they help in developing an app that uses business logic. What is more, developers get the chance to test their applications against several input/output devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. The result is that the users get better usability, increased functionality, and reduced time to market. Cloud computing makes it possible for developers to test and improve an app while it is in the developmental stage. This is one of the biggest advantages that cloud computing provides developers.

As a result of the above-mentioned benefits, cloud storage services are now becoming more popular among developers. But before opting for any of the storage mechanisms, developers need to ensure that they have selected a service provider that offers good services at reasonable rates. Apart from ensuring affordability of services, a company that offers cloud computing services should also be able to offer additional services such as disaster recovery, IT support, and security. Also, make sure that the storage mediums chosen are scalable so that the development team can easily utilize the available storage space.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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