Please excuse the reboot of this old cartoon. "Breaking News" is often reported as new while being recycled ad nauseum. It's broken as are our systems. No checks and balances here. We are in crisis. The Supreme Court and our futures are on the line. It's painful, scary. We may each have a vote, and I will, but the manipulation by the majority party is unconscionable. No FBI investigation re: Brett Kavanaugh? Who really wants the truth? Not Republicans. Not  him. If he were innocent, he would be grateful that an investigation would prove his claims. Resisting that pretty clearly indicates guilt. I believe the women who are stepping up, martyring themselves to reveal the truth and protect Americans from a man who will take our rights away.   Republicans marching lock-step for their campaign contributors, this hideous president and his nominee. I could go on, but I think I've exceeded by space. allotment.The all-white, aging judicial committee is stonewalling the truth. 
Please excuse the reboot of this blurry old cartoon while I jump from MSNBC to CNN to ABC hunting for new info on Brett Kavanaugh…

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