Must-Read Gambling Books from Australia

Are you looking to learn more about the fascinating world of gambling in Australia? Have you been searching for a way to deepen your understanding of the country’s rich history and culture surrounding this activity, as well as its extensive legal regulations? Look no further—we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of must-read books that tackle all aspects of gambling in Australia. This collection offers insightful perspectives on how Australians view and approach gambling from different angles, helping readers develop an informed understanding of why it is so popular in this country. Take advantage of this curated selection and join us on a journey into exploring one of Australia’s most beloved pastimes!

Oscar and Lucinda By Peter Carey

A captivating and romantic story of two unlikely people who find each other in the most unexpected way. Oscar Hopkins, the son of a Plymouth Brethren minister, is an Anglican priest who has broken with his past and developed a disturbing talent for gambling. Lucinda Leplastrier is an Australian heiress who buys a glass factory and has a singular ambition to make her mark in the world. When they meet on board a ship to Australia, their mutual obsession with gambling leads them to make an outrageous wager that will alter both their lives forever.

The bet involves transporting a glass church from Sydney to Bellingen, some 400 km up the New South Wales coast. As Oscar and Lucinda embark on this seemingly impossible task, they must confront their inner demons as well as the harsh realities of 19th century life in Australia. Along the way, they discover that despite their differences, they are made for each other in ways neither could have imagined.

Peter Carey’s “Oscar and Lucinda” is an engaging story about love, faith, and redemption set against the backdrop of 19th century Australia. It is full of vivid characters and descriptions that bring the story to life in all its beauty and tragedy. If you’re looking for an entertaining read with plenty of heart and soul, then “Oscar and Lucinda” should be at the top of your list!

Bone of Fact By David Walsh

A captivating memoir that delves into the life of one of Australia’s most enigmatic art figures. Through his personal story, Walsh reveals his unique vision and how it has shaped his life. He is candid about his successes and failures, and shares the highs and lows of his journey in an honest and entertaining way.

The book starts with Walsh’s childhood in Tasmania, where he grew up with a passion for gambling. From there, it follows him as he makes his fortune through gambling and then embarks on a wild vision to create MONA – the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart. Throughout the book, Walsh reflects on how this vision has impacted him personally, as well as its impact on the Australian art world.

Walsh also shares stories from his personal life, including anecdotes about family members and friends who have been influential in his journey. He is open about the challenges he faced along the way, such as dealing with public scrutiny and criticism. His writing style is engaging and humorous, making it easy to read even for those unfamiliar with art or gambling.

Overall, A Bone of Fact is an entertaining read that provides insight into David Walsh’s unique vision and how it has shaped his life. It is sure to be enjoyed by readers who are interested in learning more about this fascinating figure in Australian art history.

Losing Streak: How Tasmania Was Gamed by the Gambling Industry By James Boyce

An eye-opening look at how Tasmania has been manipulated by the gambling industry. Through extensive research and interviews with key players in the industry, Boyce reveals a shocking story of how the state has been taken advantage of for decades.

The book starts off with a brief history of gambling in Tasmania and how it has evolved over time. It then delves into the details of how the industry has infiltrated Tasmanian politics and society, from its influence on government policy to its involvement in local businesses. The book also examines the impact that this manipulation has had on Tasmanians, including their health and wellbeing.

Boyce’s writing style is engaging and easy to follow, making it accessible to readers who may not have a background in economics or politics. He also provides plenty of evidence to back up his claims, including interviews with key players in the industry as well as statistics and case studies.

Overall, Losing Streak: How Tasmania Was Gamed by the Gambling Industry is an important read for anyone interested in learning more about how gambling can affect a state’s economy and society. It’s an informative and thought-provoking look at a complex issue that deserves more attention than it often receives.

Please Gamble Irresponsibly: The Rise, Fall and Rise of Sports Gambling in Australia By Titus O’Reily

This book takes readers on a journey through the history of gambling in Australia. From horse racing in the colonial era to the rise of SP bookies and organized crime, O’Reily charts the evolution of sports betting in Australia. He also examines how legalization and commercialisation have changed the landscape of gambling in Australia over time.

The book is written with humor and wit, making it an entertaining read for anyone interested in learning about the history of gambling in Australia. O’Reily’s writing style is engaging and informative, providing readers with an insight into how gambling has evolved over time. He also looks at some of the social issues associated with gambling, such as addiction and problem gambling.

Overall, “Please Gamble Irresponsibly” is an informative and entertaining read that provides readers with an insight into the history of sports betting in Australia. It is a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating subject.

Gambling for Love By John Killick’s

An incredible story of suffering and resilience. It tells the story of his childhood in Australia and how it led to bank robberies, unrequited love, prison brutality and prison escapes.

The book starts with a vivid description of Killick’s early life in Australia and the poverty he experienced as a child. He recounts his struggles with gambling addiction, which eventually led him to commit bank robberies in order to support himself. Despite his criminal activities, Killick still found time to pursue his dream of becoming a successful gambler. His determination and resilience are inspiring as he perseveres despite the odds being stacked against him.

Killick’s story is told with great detail and emotion, making it an engaging read from start to finish. He paints a vivid picture of the people he encountered during his journey and the harsh realities of life in prison. His experiences provide insight into the criminal justice system in Australia during this time period and how it affects those who are incarcerated.

Overall, Gambling for Love is an excellent read that provides an intimate look at John Killick’s life story. It is a powerful reminder that no matter what obstacles we face, we can still find hope if we stay true to ourselves and never give up on our dreams.

Last Bets: A True Story of Gambling, Morality and the Law By David Marr

This book takes readers on a journey into the dark world of high-stakes gambling in Australia. Through a series of interviews with convicted criminals, corrupt police, and other key players in the gambling scene, Marr reveals the remarkable story of one man’s rise to wealth and power in the criminal underworld.

Marr’s writing style is engaging and gripping. He paints a vivid portrait of life in the world of illegal gaming, including the risks associated with it. He also examines the moral considerations that go into gambling and explores how laws are often used to protect those who have committed crimes against public interest.

The book examines various aspects of organized crime in Australia including money laundering, frauds and scams, bribery and corruption. Marr does an excellent job of exploring these topics from multiple perspectives, offering readers insight into how these activities are conducted and their implications on society. His research is extensive and his narrative style is captivating, making for an entertaining read from start to finish.

Overall, Last Bets is an informative and engaging look at organized crime in Australia. It provides readers with an inside look at how illegal gaming works in Australia – from its inner workings to its legal implications – making it a must-read for anyone interested in this subject matter.

The Australian Gamble: Organized Crime Down Under By Paul Bleakley

This book takes readers on a thrilling journey through the underworld of organized crime in Australia. Through meticulous research and gripping storytelling, Bleakley reveals the intricate connections between some of the most notorious characters and events in Australian history.

The book begins with the story of Jack Rooklyn, a man who is connected to many of the major players in Australian organized crime. As Bleakley traces his story, he also unravels the tangled web of influence that these criminals have had on Australian society. He examines how they have used their power to manipulate politics and business, as well as how they have infiltrated legitimate businesses such as casinos and poker machines.

Bleakley’s research is thorough and his writing is engaging. He provides an in-depth look at organized crime in Australia and its effects on society. He also offers insight into how law enforcement has responded to this problem over time, from wiretapping to more recent efforts to combat money laundering.

The Australian Gamble: Organized Crime Down Under is an essential read for anyone interested in learning more about organized crime in Australia. It is a fascinating look at one of the darkest corners of our society and a must-read for anyone looking to understand it better.

In conclusion, the books discussed above provide an insightful and captivating look into the world of gambling in Australia. From stories of hope and redemption to the intricate workings of organized crime, these books offer a comprehensive view of this complex topic. They are engaging reads that provide readers with an eye-opening glimpse into the gambling world of Australia.Now after knowing about these gambling related books, if you also want to try your luck and are wondering about the best casino in Australia, which will be right for you. You can refer to sites like, the site has complete details on the top online casinos in Australia, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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