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Must See Motorsport Movies

A lot of preparation goes towards planning motorsport events. For the drivers, preparing to race is a demanding process that many fans who enjoy their performances are oblivious to. Motorsport is an exciting adventure.

Over the years, motorsport movies have provided opportunities for motorsports fans to peer into the lives of their favorite drivers, their teams, and the extreme levels of preparation that goes into running a Race at Road America and other places successfully.

These movies also infused small bits of fiction, but you may be unable to tell the difference unless you look closely. The Motorsports world is forever grateful for these movies.

Top Motorsport Movies for every Motorsport fan

  • Grand Prix

Grand Prix was one of the early motorsport movies released in the 60s. The scenes captured in Grand Prix remain relevant as they offer a unique perspective on car racing. 

Grand Prix tells the story of a fictitious Formula One season with James Garner playing the lead role. The movie received a lot of plaudits and won three technical Oscars. It also featured some top Formula One drivers at the time.

  • Williams

Williams tells the story of one of Formula One’s most iconic names, Sir Frank Williams. The British mogul who fancied motorsport from a young age. While he was a race car driver himself, he also founded the Williams Formula One team. He invested heavily towards the team’s success. Williams is a movie that depicts the passion of one man. The movie’s screenplay featured scenes from the 70s in clear detail.

  • Senna

Senna is another documentary that tells the story of the late Brazilian Formula One Champion, Ayrton Senna. Senna loved racing, and he devoted his life to motorsport. The movie tells the intriguing story of a true Formula One champion who unfortunately lost his life in 1994 while racing at the San Marino Grand Prix. Senna has won several awards since its release and is one of the highly reviewed motorsport movies.

  • Days of Thunder

Days of Thunder starred Tom Cruise as a race car driver gunning for NASCAR success. The drama in Days of Thunder leaves a realistic impression in the minds of most NASCAR fans who have watched the movie. Cruise didn’t have a problem delivering the role as he is a strong motorsport enthusiast.


Undoubtedly, art cannot fully capture the essence of reality, especially in fast-scale sports like motorsport. Despite its limitations, the understanding that art creates is unprecedented and makes fans appreciate the sport better. If you are a motorsport fan, you need to see these movies to gain a clearer perspective about the things that go on behind the scenes, right before, during, and after the races.

Photo by Sergei Boldt on Unsplash


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