A Candle Drips

Red flames lick the wooden stick

Tasting the tree where it came from

Burning down almost reaching a finger


The blaze shifting to the wick after an amount of convincing

For the flames do not know if its worth it 

Giving its energy to help another grow


When the transfer is done 

The flames burn out

Turning to a light gray mist

But the shades of red live on

On the tip top of the candle


The two work together to live 

The blaze giving energy

The wick giving the flames a home


But what happens when the flames go out?

What happens when it gives its laughter to another candle?

Did the wick do something wrong?


The candle waits for another spark

So its life can continue on

Wax drips down in silence

Until the tears have dried

And a sounder silence envelops the candle


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