A Decomposition



Off the boat – fresh

Faced, aglow with fumes

And soiled dungarees –

The ferry was later than


Standing immigrant nude.

(End-Stopped Line for dramatic effect.)


Entombed in redbrick

Houses have empty eyes,

That startling wanderlust

They scream.

Mouth pressed between

Automatic doors –

(Use caesurae – just because.)


Fingers slipping –

Can’t hold the edge.

The desk is covered in ink

And oil.

Surprised that

I can write in  

                          a      s

                                     traight    li 

                                                          n e 



Eyebrows build towers

Marvelling at the

Fact I speak English, marvelling


My words aren’t smudged.


Sorry to Disappoint.

(Tonal shift for emphasis.)

What are you looking for?