a dip in the road

On a sunny day, after rains galore,

we drove up and down, we drove near and far…

Some roads were of ancient soil – breeding rocks,

while others were neatly smoothed with tar.


At noon we merrily rambled to a waterfall

(hidden within cliffs of orange, brown and red)

and then, in our car, we continued on

until soon our stomachs filled with dread.


The little dip in the old scenic road

was barely large and innocent-looking indeed

with glittering waters flowing freely through

that seemed hardly deeper than a hobbit’s feet!


But there we sat, stuck like a boat

that forgot to lift its anchor to the sky,

because we could not forward (nor could we back)

no matter how hard we would desperately try!


“Do we have a signal?” the question arose

thankfully, “yes!” good fortune winked and smirked

and after a stuck-while the cavalry came

in the form of a truck, so our smiles again perked.


With a rope that was long and strong and tough

we hopefully crossed every counted finger

and then “bam!” the tyres bid farewell to the flooded dip –

although, outside, its water prints would briefly linger…


A sigh of relief (for it could have been worse)

was uttered as we turned back to from whence we came,

when another traveller speedily arrived on the scene

and without missing a beat, got stuck the very same!

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