A Juicy Sea


Sadness: as a food ripples down your throat unswervingly,

tasting bitter-sweet, [a taste you’re familiar with,
but have never grown accustomed to;

your body never learns or hasn’t yet learned to house it

like the thousand other whirrs that it is home to];

until it forces you to fall in love with it,

or at the least love it.

Clarity is enemy today; understanding prefers social distancing,

all running from you…

It will come sharply, the food that sadness is,

raining on your skin like ugly excitations.

Again, you will be forced to fall in love with it.

Or at the very least love it.

You will forget that your own body needs to be loved

because you must have sown your whole love into that food.

like an investor in the capital market.

Except that this doesn’t really benefit you at all…


Sadness: as a lord subjects you to show your body—the skin, if to say—some little wickedness.

Jealous, the body shall resist this wickedness the way it knows to.

A morphism that occurs without invitation, spontaneously:

and then the body is taught to not just hate itself alone, but you, too;

and what are you, really? 

the light in the body which has been surfed in a juicy sea of sadness.

This retaliation gives you no sense of your existence

—especially if you are so given to it.

And because you don’t find yourself any longer, trying to end the thing that you now are shall be the perfect miracle you would long for.

And this miracle is evil because it shall end you.

You shall, like a cat unsure why to live, throw yourself into a juicy sea of unfathomable depth.

of death,

drowning and drowning.

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