a musician climbs the Eiffel Tower

puritanical concrete
at blue-edged water
over razors
wheezes out 4F lungs

with his first step in snazzy shoes
a musician writes his way up steel
a valise under his arm
with music charts
for a hopscotch singer

the first note
of a whole tone scale
three white stairs
three obsidian

a musician

with no harmonic center
yet a gain of spaciousness

Ravel’s Water Games reach the top
he takes a breath
bird’s song perched
looking far & out

fog above the Seine
a cloud so empty
it roars
so grand
it seeks empire

Debussy dismantles
Euclidean Bach
and Rimbaud
with poetry
O Paris

rewrites God!

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Auburn anymore
he whispers on
the exhale

a sharp crackle from the radio antenna
across Europe’s
still-hot embers

dusk-light rewrites
wet music paper
the surface of the Seine

a musician sees a tuba blast so wild
like spilled Champagne
on a table cloth
in a trouble clef

a pencil in a composer’s heart pocket
draws singing stars
music to lift up Astaire & Cherise
Dancing in the Dark

at the top
an unknown woman cranks out
a photo with deckled edges
a wrinkled face
a musician’s hep-cat suit

a mother bats her eyes
a red balloon tied
to her tiny waist
with vibrating string

in triplets
schoolgirls skip
at the railing

musician at the top of the tower soaring
with music under his arm

oh the beautiful
the beautiful

a Divine Eye
to surrender
to pray
to make a leap
at beauty alone

how the beautiful make music
without knowing

he looks straight down
over the railing to the edge
of incoherence

a wind blows through bars
of trees, brackets to hold
the tower’s song

a charming music-writer
steps down the first note of a
smooth chromatic scale

the beautiful make music
without trying

a schoolgirl’s ankle ahead
of our descender, a charming musician
the gentle step of a faun’s hoof
andante, très expressif

to repeat
to count
to skip
cobble stones

the beautiful
make music

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