A Poetry Titled You

Love is something
that I can’t afford,
I’ve always thought that it was too expensive
For people like me,

I believe that love
will do more damage,
That’s what I believe,
But there’s something that won’t change
And that is you,

Everything about you
And my love for you will remain the same,

For me, love is a waste of emotion,
A useless act
That blinds people,

I look so foolish
Trying to impress you,
I know all of this
But I still fall hopelessly in love

I know how it will end,
I’ve seen so many films before and I didn’t like the sad ending,

The ending will be the same,
We’ll forget about each other,
I’ll get hurt again

But although I know this,
You whisper to my ears
And promise me
that you won’t leave me,
You made it difficult for me
To not take the risk,

You have told me your story
But please tell me again,
Nothing you said wouldn’t interest me,
Your words are like poetry to me,

                                                                                – My love language is knowing you, despite being scared of love.

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