A Quaint Reminiscence

Let us dive deep into it,
A rendezvous with emotions
Moving along with a feeling of misfit,
While leaving one with complications.

The songs are not to be blamed,
But, the sentiments attached to them,
That I fear, time would change.

A visit to that place is surely harmless
But, the moments I get reminded of,
Define a journey to the subconscious.

God knows if it is normal,
To be afraid of happiness
Relating joy to a state of awful,
Portraying, as if it is finesse.

Every time I witness this, my heart skips a beat,
It feels like someone cut the ground from under my feet
This is simply undesirable nostalgia,
Prompts me to believe, I am no longer the alpha.

It has engendered me to act abruptly,
To loathe people I don’t want to,
Along with, ignoring the memories bluntly,
The ones I wish to relive and stick to.

Oh Lord, hear my prayers
For I have a single wish,
Bestow me with courage when I shed tears,
And certainly not make them vanish.

I say so, for I believe in a pearl of wisdom,
That is, to learn from our mistakes,
Teaching us of the vast kingdom,
Reminding us of the differences, we need to embrace

My desire is, to experience fear like a push,
After all, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
You may yearn for ease or contentment,
But how is it possible, while you are playing the devil’s advocate?

The ability to fear something the world adores,
The tolerance to witness what one ignores,
It seems like a curse through your eyes,
I say it is a blessing in disguise.

After all, every cloud has a silver lining,
I believe, it is worth enshrining.

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