A Question

A Question

Fidel or infidel, it all depends on your birth.
And very quickly the great leaders inflexible,
as if they never warmed up to a drawn bath,
were never carried at the bosom of mother and father.
And even with intelligence, artificial intelligence,

the great WORLD WIDE WEB and Google translator,
we become each other’s enemy. There is a great shadow
that obscures the light – creative movements like impressionism,
dada, surrealism played out this dusky palette; this absurd
question of fidel or infidel:

World War I the final arbiter of Bizaartine theatre.
Hero, or anti-hero? It all depends on a moment in time –
where you were born, or that one thing between you and a bully.
Even after the 1972 Blue Marble photo of our one Earth floating
in space. Even after the gas chambers, the napalm,

the machetes in Rwanda, even when all is televised, broadcast,
tweeted, it seems we earth things, on the cusp of 9 billion souls,
are but an ecosystem approaching an inner dark star
near the horizon of a cosmic black hole.
We must ask ourselves, each of us fidel and infidel,

both great warriors – will you follow orders,
or will you be a captain of our planetary destiny,
president of your conscience,
chieftain of earth creatures,
in cahoots with your superior being.

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