Partly sunny, partly cloudy
At its twist, everything went rowdy
Flinching hopes at sunrise
Got dwindled at dusk set
Streets got soaked in human reds,
Our eyes knew no whites but darks.

Excruciating pains
Emblemed deep down in our marrow.
Faces craved for the cleansing of sorrow
But we find ourselves each day in glittering chains
Kissing the dust with so much shame
Yet “the tops” felt not a pinch of blame.

Time came,
When great men’s heart became wrought
And their resilient spirit went south
But it got rekindled with the strike of a flame

The future awakening with the sun’s glow
We keep pushing to tide with the flow
A year came unpromising bloody,
A compensating 0’21 we pray to pay the dowry

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