Through the valleys of my war wounds,

Your dismissal strikes like a spear in the head.

Strode with me to places hanging on a thread;

Of alien words, hollow branches abound,

Find my refuge in a shapeless cavern;

For love to divert from a predictable pattern.


I condense my being to fit your build,

Like running water filling holes.

Relentless as the spirit that wants out,

Against my will but releases my soul;

Whipping my hopes, my dreams, like a knout,

On the plateaus where men get killed.


Scarce melodies from far away, I hear,

The margin of a voice from a lonesome siren,

Who dare not speak of the treachery;

By the waves waltzing towards a tyrant,

Usurping the universe of a stolen memory,

Against everyone I hold dear.


Slide down the thin layer of my trembling hands.

In exile, I bleed droplets into the sands;

Your curses run like lightning to the ground.

Cut my tongue open like a snake;

That I am unable to make a sound,

When you drown me in the forsaken lake.


And there I plunge into an abyss,

O’er the surface, your swaying boats;

Oblivious to the gory horrors beneath.

Call unto me, cover me with a coat;

Wandering clouds, blow me a kiss,

Before I sink further in stealth.


While finding the light, feeble edifices

Grow between me and the fiery dimension.

Like a blade cut clean empty walls,

Crumbling on their spiteful silence.

No border, no margin of redemption;

As stars moving slowly in the halls.

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