African black girl

They say we are not beautiful, they say we don’t have the mind to stand up for ourselves, they keep criticising us because we are African black girls.

We feel so much sadness because of the beliefs they have imposed on us, so many black girls out of fear have applied lightening creams and have lost their true identity of having black beauty, they have thrown away their customs and traditions just to make others happy, but I ask myself,”until when” Should we tolerate this criticism? When are we going to stand up for ourselves just the way we are?. Cause I think the right time is now, this is the time to show everyone that we are blessed not cursed, we want to be loved not hated, and we want to be appreciated not criticized.

We want you to see us beautiful as we come in our African clothing rapped around a ‘beautiful chitenge wearing beads of red around our neck and head, beads of yellow around our hands, waist and ankles and looking so beautiful like pearls that are priceless’.

Ohh black girl do not let any man or woman jeopardize you or malign you, stand up to them and let them know that black ‘is beautiful, black is marvelous, black is majestic and black is the best’.

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