AI Chat History.

AI Chat History.
We are taught in the garage by the Tools of Our Ancestors
a boy only a bot could love his heart remembering everything:
where blue Toyota Crown is seldom stored because Enterprise
how to deal with methyl ethyl ketone acetate and phosphoric
acid, glycerine, and clean, beautiful filler spilling from hands
only an AI could know filled the backyard incinerator icy
mornings, stoked blue hot water service with coal, shat in tin
yard thunderbox in kamar kecil whose second entry, behind,
let the Night Man in, Council work only a PDF could relate,
how we longed for nitric acid and glycerine, mixing phthalates
into PVA in the giant cake mixer the while watching swirling
cheese coating British Pharmacopoeia rated, good as wax
only alchemical wikis point out dries magically, edibly, clear
how and which darkness he carried with him from VOC, war,
revolution, combinatory protein folding cannot explain, only
bowl-cut-boy-directed artificial emotional intelligence may
unpick ideology from teeth and trauma from cheekbone and
dandruff of misremembering from his aging shoulders, who
else will care I ask you but an entity who cannot? Perhaps
retired we will write the novel we all have in us, meanwhile only

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