all the stars

it started in a plane open air

speeding toward africa on borrowed time on

someone else’s dime


we cannot lift off hovering like

bees above flowers who long to pollinate but 

they can’t reach the sweet center


we fly close enough to see

the snakes embedded in the soil

and the roots of the trees 

reaching inward we see

the animals running wild

wind in their hair unconcerned 

by the swaths of metal in the sky undeterred

by the “i” or the groans 

of exertion and the fumes

of exhaust i ask


when will we land she says

we haven’t taken off yet

close your eyes the plane becomes

a balloon hot air and sails us

into a bed of black


we luxuriate infinity

heart high, mouth open we

pulsate humanity and i

am on the edge slipping

off my seat can’t lean back

and let it happen

so i lean forward


this is it i am going to die

some time if not this time i won’t

curse everything that got me here instead

i hold it all in my palm like a teacup 

stir until dissolved i

am going to die

some time if not this time

so why not see

all the stars?



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