An abetment

Respected jury

I am not wasting the invaluable time of the honourable court as the attorney presented

I am here to highlight an instance

where a victim of an assault didn’t file a criminal complaint

and the consequences


Last Sunday I attended a workshop on mastering mind and unleashing its potential

the motivational speaker parroted control your thoughts

I politely asked him which thoughts please be specific

because some thoughts are in the pigeon holes of my mind

some or hidden in numerous layers deep

some thoughts emanate from sub conscious mind

and often thoughts are reactive

so I needed to know which thoughts he highlighted

but he preferred to ignore my question and replied thoughts in general

There is nothing general about thoughts

more so, when you start a day with the threat of that being the last day in that job

So I interrupted him again and again

but he preferred to continue his bullshit

So I had no other go but to snatch his mike and slap him

I was evicted

But why he didn’t prefer a criminal case against me

The intentions for his deflection from a right recourse concerns society

So I humbly request you to order an investigation into his inaction

and also his abetment in my violence

What are you looking for?