An Odyssey Best Ventured Alone

Drowned by the tide, 

Wet, starving, and alone

A swarm of buzzing bees, ready to carry me home 


My path is lit by moonlight

Motivation long left behind 

Maybe this maze of disaster was all of my own design


When I started on this mission, was this what I hoped to find

My brain is fuzzy with confusion,

But, certainly, this can’t be aligned 


As I crept along the hedges, I begin to look around

I wanted to be spotted

But could hardly make a sound 


A branch snapped beneath me, sounds became more and more 

In front of me, something crouches,

I refuse to open that door


The chase had not ended 

I still had more in the tank 

Courage and endorphins blended, my heart no longer sank



I’m bent in position, hands placed on the floor

 Dazed and confused,

But terrified no more


I did my due diligence

I studied for the test

My instincts, and preparation, are trained for the rest


I took my final leap 

Aiming to even the score 

Too terrified to make a peep, my body began to soar 


I held my breath, waiting for darkness to prevail 

The situation was dire, I had nothing left to lose 

Would I succeed or would I fail, I couldn’t yet choose   


A few moments later, my question was answered at last

A breath of relief flowed freely 

The time for running, now in the past.

My mission was concluded, the final curtain now closed 

Energy depleted, my body waiting to ease

Sleep could no longer allude, so I drifted away, guided by the bees. 

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