Anew Colussus

Not like the lady liberty of global notoriety
With outstretched lantern beckoning some to her shore;
There amidst the parched treacherous badlands, borders solicit labor
A wall of mixed messages, who may enter
To harvest, wash, mow, nanny; miles from your own seeds
Step-father of migrants. From his blockade
Enabling coyotes to migrate a flock; blood trails mixed with no water
The precarious frontier that crosses la gente not the other way around
“Keep out!” screams he
With flexed might. “ Give me your hours, your skin,
Your dreamers and seekers yearning to make a living,
The unworthy of documentation forced into illegal status
Send these, as we pay under the table,
I will mine your skills to feed a quarter of this nation but you must stay out.”

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