Angel and her words

Up above the world so high,
Fell an angel from the sky,
Shattered thoughts and the troubles were nigh,
The happiness of earth never did justify.

The angel saw the life’s strife,
Man panicking with his wife,
Nubile toddlers taking a stressed dive,
Tremendous difficulties slew the joy with its knife.

The angel saw the pandemic,
She peeped for an individual’s epidemic,
No oxygen, no ventilators and no ethic,
Mankind died even without a basic!

Time heals everything,
Humans decide their carrying,
“Happiness must be levying,”
The angel told an important thing.

People understood when the angel spoke the condition,
“Sadness created the happiness’s definition,
Difficulties are a competition,
Achieve peace must be one’s mission.”

Left the angel with her words,
Motivated millions of birds,
Humans survived and the problems reduced half the third,
The orb resumed and the people took off with their herd.

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