I hate feeling like I’m drowning in my own thoughts 

Like I’m falling in a bottomless hole 

My mind still manages to take full control 

Making me defenseless

Beating me senseless, leaves me completely breathless and it feels endless 

My hands are shaking; my mind has forsaken every bit of love 

I just think, over think, think and over think more and more and more 

Til I had poured so much salt in my heart’s wound 

It stings and shuts me downs  

But I could’ve sworn I lost every inch of my happiness in that moment

I could’ve of swore for a minute I believed every component my mind created 

I could’ve of swore my heart hated that minute 

But I tasted saltiness in my lips, felt wetness in my cheeks, felt tingly all around saw all blurry in my eyes 

Truth is I couldn’t see clearly in and out 

Truth be told my mind drowns me a lot

Truth be told I always make out alive 

And I do love me and I love my mind but sometimes it drowns me a little too much 

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