Aria of the Night

When the Sun rests to Gaia’s hand,
After his rays kisses oceans,
Night will appear, glamour prevail.
Light sparkles, let Heaven be!
As pure as soul, to eyes would dawn,
Gorgeous in dark, how it could be?

When cosmos’ sons visit to Earth,
A show should be awaits people.
Stars and moon, glow shatters out,
Eclipse stuns, such a good view,
Be surprised when meteors fall,
‘til crestfallen of night will fade.

Unexpected beauty of night,
From the God who made Earth and life.
Praise to be Him, to angels be!
Stars blinking, seems that happy
Moonlight says hi, the lamp in dark
All that peeping in the sky

And if this world loses desire,
Look at skies, be free from life.
Open your eyes to precious dark.
Let this lame world have colors on.
Gaze be on Nyx, to smile in,
Let this night lasts, moment be marked!

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