Au Revoir

She walks on a rooftop
One modest step after the other, like a reflex action
The sun plays hide and seek
In the sky tinted with blue ink
and splattered with patches of cirrocumulus clouds.

A stinging wind chills her core
as salty tears marinate her palate
Her sorrow glazed orbs are fixated on the dizzying height beneath her
One more step and it’s over

Her hippocampus despatches her to a few years back
She sees her frame nestled underneath a Birch tree
A beguiling smile adorns her lips
She is brimming with dreams as bright as the reappearing rays that tantalize her skin

Life managed infect the walls of her being
and break her structure until she gasps for an end
Scars tattooed on her flesh
Her insides shuttered to shards
Au Revoir she mutters

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