I look into the mirror

and what do I see,

I see myself but three different beings:

who I was,

who I am,

and who I am meant to be. 


Who I was:

I smile a lot and have a wide imagination.

I want to change the world, make it better for future generations.

I am aware that its corrupt ways could ruin everything

but cannot one still try.

you never might know, hope could win.


Yes, it seems beyond my abilities;

so everyone have said.

For so many people before have begun

yet so little has been done

but what if we could?

If we walked beyond the lies.


Who I am:

a mask today, a mask tomorrow.

It’s what I wear, that’s the fashion trend.

It’s how the system runs,

It’s how the cycle works.

Selfish, crafty, impatient.

Angelic smiles with teeth as sharp as knives.

We move, we fight, make merry in the green light.

Hoarding all the money, saying we have nothing.

“More, more,more,” we cry.

For the system can’t be changed,

it’s only a child’s play.

So best to focus on how to stay alive

lest you fall behind.

For can the system be destroyed

when we are the roots of its cause?


Who I am meant to be:

to fight or to submit,

my heart and mind at war to believe.

To try is to die they declare

yet if I keep silent and follow the lies

won’t I still die?

It’s hopeless, I know, I know.

There is no need to argue

as you can see the dampened souls.

Despite this, I will not suffocate and drown.

I know I am one and have no crown.

These things around my neck, I can no longer stand.


So here is my choice.

Like a small fire I will start

igniting that which is cold in their hearts.

No! I can’t break their chains, they are the only ones who can

but I won’t stop till they are drunk with that need.

For if not now, when it will begin?


No! the system cannot be destroyed

but it will only change

if we release ourselves from our locks.

Though how do you wake up one still asleep

when he believes he is awake?

What are you looking for?