back to wordlessness

back to wordlessness


perhaps if we fail—as a species i mean—

could this simply be some small slice in the

recurring-cosmos-recall ritual


maybe our thoughts

our cities    our bridges   our science

are about to be reduced to a blotch

in some larger graffiti


maybe it’s the whole experiment

gone off the tracks    and the engineer is about

to steer the whole shebang    backwards

through the tunnel    from which it all emerged


face it   chances are

we’re on our way back     to a dot


on those turbulent nights

just after you turn off the news      

tell me   is your sudden emptiness

a premonition


crawl around in that hollow state

and be willing to recognize

any thought your relevance amounts

to more than a pin point      is pitiful


you could even claim we coexist in the age

of the molecule   or it’s henchman the digit


likely we began as a dot

a perfectly programmed period

exploding into the universe   

then as surely    imploding


one cycle of a vast gasp


the far-off stars try to tell us

the dot giveth      the dot taketh away


but beware   

the dot doth pride itself at its peril            

for the dot is poised      to swallow back     whole    

even the WORD

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