Girl weeps the shore to a river. A 20cm scissor is driven into her hair. Girl sobs, reminisces mother fondling her like car keys. Girl launches a tear bomb, awaiting mother that will never return. Girl is accelerating her tongue without musing, out of haunting emotions, out of fear. Girl sweeps the floor with her body. Girl cries, while mother is planted. Girl grieves – girl grieves because she knows mother will not grow into a ripe tuber anytime soon. Girl imagines the pearly gates open wide for mother. Girl smiles before grief could see her. She’s caught again. Her sorrowing heart has gravity – girl is pulled down. Girl shivers. Girl’s heart is tearing apart. Girl thinks this is match over. Girl tastes hypocrisy from her blood. Girl is a mud house unroofed.
Girl gathers like a dizzy cloud.
Girl is empty. Girl is numb with life.
Girl feels it’s time to succumb.
Girl shatters. Girl assembles the remnants of her body into a puzzling puzzle. Girl is bald; unsafe anywhere. Girl does the next right thing wrongly. Girl does not understand the toy life is making of her. Girl is dead before death comes. Girl is another name for everything dead here.

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