Bees, with Love

Avoid the bees, they say

As they swarm around

Black and yellow never good for each other

Hurt of the sting could never do better


Again, avoid the bees

As they horde the red colour

Of happiness and joy but never the cries

Unpleasant things to the eyes


But dear, oh the bees so dear

As they bring out the green to our land

Decorating their love with touch of sweetness

Something that breathing persons could never harness


And we live because they are

Here and with the little rest of us

Striving to get the better good


Avoid the bees, they said

But the thoughts turned sour

Aching taste of deceit and fake

Because we held up our swords too

As we danced around on the tip of thin ice

Talking and talking as if there were no price

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