Biafractional Mathematics

Biafractional  mathematics 

                                (biafran war)


take the loaded lorries from Kano 

escaping to the east as the nominator 

& green & white bullets running

after them as denominator.  multiply 


the numbers of bodies jumping down

onto the teeth of the road 

& breathing as pools of blood 

with the babies dying on the hands

of their mothers of lack of breath. make 


guns the lowest common multiple 

in the east & divide with shielings,

bombs, and guns from north

you will find my mother 

an odd number trying to hold her broken 

head into whole number 

my brothers’ skulls summed up here & there

as the nearest thousands 

your sisters logarithms waiting to be solve by force in ectasy. add


pregnant women trying to avoid 

their breath from escaping them 

& children with soured legs out of run

How many numbers are collapsing 

never to rise again? 

unccountable numbers,


are dreams butchered in the forest 

love roasted in detonated fire burning houses,

heartbreak from those eaten by bullets

and the sowed future that wasn’t allow

to grow into generations. say grief & guns


are equal to war 

war equal to blood

blood equal to death 

death equal to tears,

tears the results of biafractional mathematics. 

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