Bleeding Africa

Africa a luxuriant tree scented
with fruits black and white
flavored with as many tribes as deities
unsettled like the wave of the sea

Africa a virgin bride
veiled treasure whose flora hypnotizes
her rhythm intoxicates as it renews
her resources innocent, begs unveiling
hot wickedness run her streets

Africa is mystic, magic and mystery
guided by nature lighten by the sun
shinning world plagued by nation hunters
ignorance assist corruption to carry her
gems and brains to strange lands
her saviors and giants lost to insane wars
her children in rags sleep with empty belly

Africa is skilled and vibrant
blessed with hero’s endowed with goodness
drums and gongs never stops to merry
her spirit never dies her energy enchants
her light is darkness

Africa a wild weird reality
scorching deserts, noisy waters, untamed cities
the blind leads the whole with iron hand
geniuses walk barefooted, hooligans ride horses
souls sold for coins and death is cheap

Africa! thou has shut thy eyes for long
will thou be in great slumber forever?
Africa! it is time to resurrect
come out of the grave
the deep pit of backwardness into lime light

sleeping giant arise, thy daughters call
shake off the dirt, spirit of Africa
thy sons cry
oh Africa! the world awaits thy glory
awake and flourish
glinting Africa! cultural mother of all
Arise, Soar and Reign!

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