Bluish Change

I used to notice colors everywhere as a kid

in the wet red hand paint stains on the walls

riding a pink bike and not caring for the fall

in the green trees I used to climb

in the yellow shoes I used all the time

colorful moments painting my vision


smile had been my company for so long

helping me never leave a keynote unsung

never needing to hold the rein

or run away from the rain

colors always wiping the storms in sight

how lucky was I to live in the perfect painting?


the time maintained one color alive

blue tinted my world upside down

nothing rhymed anymore

the naive allegory is gone

the colors are all one

washed away with the despair, one by one

the bluish change was rooting my essence

adulting was a lie


I think I rather be blind

than live in a blurry painting

I need more clarity

more colors

more lines

more rhymes

I need a colorful pallet to survive

to shape a better picture in sight

What are you looking for?