Wake up to a calm overcast gray fall day

A message that a dear one has passed away


Birdsong cuts through the eerie hum of the freeway

Follow the hawk’s path, that magnificent bird of prey!


Does it see clearly from that vintage point so up high?

Wonder if this chaos seems orderly through that fish eye


Chaotic world that is so full of angry rhetoric hate

Laughter of a child transports one to a calming state


Contemplate on this new life where virus are the villains

Around the world they are signaling the adept chameleons


The Chameleon who changes its colors to match the world it sees

It has the luxury of being pure light when it navigates the wide open seas


Falls in chaos when the sea is assaulted by a storm

Has difficulty landing in the middle of that thunderstorm


Walking on a straight path to the destination that is set

Even more difficult with all the debris hitting its head


Eyes closed, take a deep breathe, and remember the hawk

Look within, ascend the chaos and take emotional stalk


Look at the fear and thank it for all its ceaseless service

But now is the time to burn within Love’s blazing furnace


Love for the innocent, love for the warrior, even love for survival’s fear

Experience that moment of oneness where there is no thought to hear


Connect to this bliss, envision the path, join with all my heart

Create a world where I take a stand. Unity is just the start!!


Hear the wind in the rustle of the leaves as Love tries to say

Chameleon! Change the world from within!  That is your only way!!!!

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