POEM: CHANGES

                                     POET: FESTUS HARDING (PEN)

                 Wake up in the morning then I ask myself

                 Is life worth living or should I blast myself

                 Society is like boy go fuck yourself

                 Everyday we wake up less than ourselves

                 The only changes we see is from dust to mud

                 The street is full with blood 

                 Grab the gun or sword      

                 Their system is chasing us for drug

                 But they are the fucking lords

                 Pretty nitty perfect tricks

                 That is their manifesto

                 Their smiles saying bingo

                 Life in Sierra Leone is like war forever

                 Everyday we fight to survive

                 Cuz we are left to die

                 I started smoking marijuana

                 Because it’s feels like caged bird being normal

                 I electrify my brain with the challis

                My eyes fall slowly cold as I try to spell changes

                The harder I try the words I see is
                Damages, Rough-edges, Rough-ages

                How comes we couldn’t find ourselves out of the rough-ages

                I mean the era of slavery

               When our fathers’ father’s knees and fingers were swelling

               But Shengbeh Pieh shown bravery

              Bai  Bureh was not educated enough

             But he knows that over taxing is an intelligent slavery

              You tax us to go to school without launch

              How do you expect me to focus

              D government has no better plans for my future

              But I can’t say it loud cuz am nervous

             They believe the future is in our hands

             But how can I keep it clean with no sober sanitary

             My hands are dirty

             I had to snatch her purse cuz am hungry

            How comes my cradle is like a nest of vipers

            Bad energy they brings

           Progressity they hinder

           Positivity they murder

           Then we are left to wonder

           Wonder why you’ve not make anything

          Though you’ve come this farther

          Wonder why you look so older than father

          Wonder your mother look older than the earth

          Sometimes I feel the pain like thorns hooked to my heart

         Their system is the quintessence of horror

         Love is life,  Life is love

                  If we can not inhale love

                 Then this society is suffocating

                 You called me lazy but you’ve never employed me

                 It is so provocating

                 U d tok say ar d smoke kush

                 Yes am levitating

                 Flying higher above my sufferation

                 I’m still the ghetto kid you love to hate 

                 Blazing with ambition

                 So much had died in me 

                 So sometimes my zombie make rash decision

                 I’m lost of words

                 Short of blood

                 In all manner of seriousness

                 Your organization is dumb to us

                 But am a renegade that’ll forever promulgate the truth

                 I won’t stop to talk till you heard my voice

                 Heard our voices, voices of street children          

                 There’s no strong society without the inclusion of brave women

                 Your egotism is an unhandled problem

                 And your egoism has left us with hunger

                 You pursue a super-peaceful nation

                 But am wounded with anger

                 How can I be normal when all I see is danger

                 I’m ruled by a total stranger

                 Everyday when I kneel to pray

                 I close my eyes to see a tomorrow that’ll be better
                You told me to be stronger

                While pain dwells in my lungs like bronchitis

                 You told me to explain my feelings

                 But how can I explain an everyday feeling that feels the same

                  NO CHANGES




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