Confessions Of A Teen Being

Who’s that new guy
Across the street
I giggled in the drapes
As I sneaked a peek

Black teddy bear eyes
A button for a nose
His smile made me
Curl up my toes

He was cute
Real cute
He had a little lisp
But he talked like maybe
He knew a thing or two

So I slickered my lips
From ear to rear
Rubbed Sen-Sen
On my private parts
And painted on my short shorts

I stuck my shoulders back
My blossoming breasts up proud
With my pelvis thrust forward
Leading the sway

I was cute
I talked cute
I affected a lisp
And made my voice
small like thith

I gave that boy
A ride on my pony
Sweet wild oats
We were sowing

But he galloped away
With my cherry
The pit
He left behind
In my tummy growing.

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