Construction Zone

Construction Zone

The path in the fens changes
each day on my way to school
an orange fence on stakes
moves here to there
the ground itself morphs
dirt to mud to gravel
to blacktop macadam
with condoms & empty
boxes of Julie emergency
contraception & remnants
of Narcan resurrections
beneath my boots

Bulldozers & backhoes plow
fen shallows beside the path
dredging beds & berths
of phragmites loosestrife
amphibious machines freckled
fins & engines armored
crawlers climb hand-over-hand
edge to middle scarfing up
water & mud parting ducks
frogs fishes scattering nests
sperm wonderment

Rust-red buckets drop down
reach tentacles deep sweeping
the mines of radishy pipes
fibrous rooms of vegetal thumbs
towning underground
the machines machine away
strip & float debris & seed
to rot or smolder in fill or furnace

The fray of purple panicles
stripped from this crammed
mute swan backwater
its dense settlement
of heavy-bellied geese
eggs addled making way
for mink kingfisher bobcat
sweet gale turtlehead sedge
ribbon snake soft rush
bluestem maidenhair—
what once was here

Caution tape strains
against the wind

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