himalayan goddess eight-armed Shakti—


I’ve heard stories of your

power, penance, and courage

of things you have

sacrificed, slayed, and survived

how you manifest into



become Uma, Parvati, Durga, Kali


provider— preserver—

mother goddess

warrior— destroyer—

wife goddess

superhuman— divine—

great goddess


for once,


let go of the brilliance

weighing you down,

reveal your unradiating self

whoever you are,

no matter what you are called

wrap your arms


around these other versions of you:


free-willed woman— survivor woman—

divorced, childless, rebel woman—

lighting her own cigarettes woman—

making her own mistakes woman—

trapped in a man’s body woman—

unwomanly woman— flawed woman—




under these glorious pieces

you hide,

announce your place

in the pantheon of beings

go ahead



ungoddess yourself. Dare.

What are you looking for?