Dear Fear

Dear Fear, I will hold your hand in the dark.

I know that you are here because all you really want is protection.

Fear, you are a delicate and mysterious and needy thing. This means that you are like me.

And I have learned that all you really want to know is the shape of safety and soft places to sit.

Dear fear, you will always be a part of me. This means that you are a gift too. Yes, it’s true.

Dear fear, come with me as I ease down the river of my life,

Heading into the lushness of myself and parts of the path that I cannot see yet.

Fear, you are there in that moment when an acorn holds its breath

And allows itself to sprout bravely into both earth and sky at the same time.

Dear fear, did you know that when you leap from seed to tree,

That love is always there waiting for you too? You taught me this.

Dear fear, my friend, this means that I wouldn’t know love without you.

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