Derailment in Age

When my marriage started to fall apart
I was in college
               After many years absent.

I shared my lunch table
one day
With a man only 20 years old.
We talked and laughed for awhile.
Then he asked me how old I was.
I told him.
He asked me if I liked being that age.
I told him I wouldn’t choose to be
                               one day younger and have
                               to do any of my life over again.
He said, “How about being 20 and getting
                              to do it all again?”

He didn’t understand.


Several months and many arguments later
My husband and I were at a bar.
I met a man with whom I’d gone to high school.
He was older than he really wanted to be
and not where he wanted to be
professionally or personally.

He said he could no longer be there.

I told him he was far from old and
all he needed were dreams and ambitions.

He shook his head and took a drink.
There were more than years
separating us and
I was the one who didn’t understand.


Now I’m past the age he was then
And I know what he meant.

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